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I hope y’all having a great time in Tanzania. Well today we are going to do something a little bit productive. More of Swahili classes for our dear expats. This will enable expats who are striving to improve their Swahili language skills. I am sure it has reached a point you wish to communication with local people so bad in Swahili and not sure where to start.

Special thanks to APE network ( African Proper Education ) for publishing the books called ‘’NAHAU ZA KWETU’’ and ‘’METHALI ZA KWETU’’.

Methali = Proverbs

Nahau = Idioms

You can download ‘SWAHILI SAYING’ app in your mobile phone through googleplay.

I will posting at least ten proverbs and idioms per week five each.

Let’s do this

1.‘’Acha kwenye mataa’’

Swahili: Telekeza au acha mtu nyuma bila yeye kutarajia.

English: Leave somebody behind or hanging without them expecting it

2.‘’Achia ngazi’’

Swahili: Staafu, amua kuacha cheo au mamlaka.

English: Stepping down from a position/power/top rank

3.‘’Achiwa mikoba’’

Swahili: Rithishwa madaraka au majukumu

English: Left to do what someone was doing, more of an inheritance of a job or obligations or manners etc.

4.‘‘Ambulia patupu’’

Swahili: shindwa kupata chochote

English: when you get nothing out of something you have asked for.

5.‘’Ana kwa ana’’

Swahili: Kutana na mtu uso kwa uso

English: A face to face interaction

So, i will be posting more swahili proverbs and idioms on the forum section everyweek. Feel free to wind back at Bongohub for more so called classes Click Here

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